Friday, October 7, 2011

Nothing Says "Classy" Like. . .

Jagermeister promotional candle bowl

So I strolled over to a local bar to have a drink. Seeing promotional materials in use at a South Bay bar is commonplace. But I've never took notice of a promotional candle bowl until now. Seriously, who's going to be swayed into buying a drink by a candle bowl?!!

I can understand cheap and disposable promotional objects like coasters or holiday treats. I can't see the marketing idea behind the Jagermeister candle bowl. It doesn't even jibe with the product traits, such as being "ice cold" or "herbal" flavored. In fact, it literally highlights the creepy "occult" symbolism associated with the product logo.

Yeah, I know it's meant to symbolize the patron saints of hunters, St. Hubertus and St. Eustace. To the modern American audience, Catholic hagiography is nearly unknown. Is it fair that Americans are so culturally ignorant that they don't understand the symbolism of an established German logo? No, but marketing is about effective promotion, not about fairness.

Jagermeister's stag head logo is a reference to the patron saints of hunters.

Well, it didn't inspire me to knock back a jagerbomb.

While we're on the topic of Jagermeister and marketing, here are a few vids.


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