Thursday, October 13, 2011

From Deepest Darkest Peru

A Bear Called Paddington (published October 13, 1958) was illustrated by Peggy Fortnum

An Anglophile even as a child, my sister badgered my parents into buying her a Paddington Bear doll for her birthday sometime in the mid-seventies.

Although I have great affection for toys, I'm not a teddy bear person. But Paddington Bear has a special quality that set him apart from the run-of-the-mill bears. His big hat, the suitcase, his love for marmalade, these traits appealed to my youthful sense of the distinctive. Paddington was something more than a cute, fluffy doll. He had a story. Heck, he journeyed all the way from the deepest, darkest Peru!!!

Well, there obviously couldn't be two Paddington Bears in the family. So, I contented myself with drawing him and his adventures in Peru. And eating marmalade. ;-)

The BBC broadcast Paddington in 1975

After all these years, I still have nostalgia for the one teddy bear that I actually liked. And marmalade? It's the best!!!

Here are a few vids to celebrate Paddington Day.

And an ad for Marmite?!! Heresy!!!


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