Saturday, October 22, 2011

October Dance Party!!!

Cover Image from Erasure's "Love to Hate You"

Regardless of style or genre, music is one of my obsessions, catching my imagination with a driving rhythm or a clever lyrical twist, sounds that sneak into my dreams, setting a soundtrack to each day of my life.

It's been six months now that we've been celebrating our Dance Party, reflecting on songs from decades past. I've enjoyed these posts. For me, music brings back memories, returning me to times long past, reuniting me in my imagination with friends long gone. I suppose that's why I do these posts. There is a catharsis when I work through this four decade progression of music.

Well, that's enough personal stuff. We've got some quirky tunes to appreciate today.

Portrait of Ludwig van Beethoven (1820) by Joseph Karl Stieler

Let the music play!!!

1971: Denise Lasalle, "Trapped by This Thing Called Love"

1976: Walter Murphy and the Big Apple Band, "A Fifth of Beethoven"

1981: The Police, "Invisible Sun"

1986: Human League, "Human"

1991: Erasure, "Love to Hate You"

1996: Jamiroquai, "Virtual Insanity"

2001: New Order, "Crystal"

2006: iiO, "Is It Love?"

Well, that's it for this month.


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