Saturday, October 15, 2011

I'll Be Back on My Feet Someday

Ray Charles topped the US Billboard chart with "Hit the Road Jack" in mid-October of 1961.

Fifty years ago, Ray Charles dominated the radio with "Hit the Road Jack." It wasn't his first hit song, but it went on to be one of his most iconic. Personally, it's my favorite of his songs. The mix of surprise and indignation that he expresses always makes me smile.

"What you say?!!"

Somehow I let his birth date slip by without giving a celebration. We'll use the fifty year mark for "Hit the Road Jack" to remedy our lack of a "Ray Charles-fest." ;-)

Let's listen to a few more classic Charles tunes after the jump.

There are many songs from which to choose, but here are five that definitely make the world a better place. ;-)


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