Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Flowers: Paying the Floral Debt

Orchid: Little Gem Stripe

The Debt
(Paul Laurence Dunbar)

This is the debt I pay
Just for one riotous day,
Years of regret and grief,
Sorrow without relief.

Pay it I will to the end—
Until the grave, my friend,
Gives me a true release—
Gives me the clasp of peace.

Slight was the thing I bought,
Small was the debt I thought,
Poor was the loan at best—
God! but the interest!

LOL!!! No that's not how I feel, but it's good to finally deliver on my promises of flowers from the many shows and gardens that I've visited over the summer. I keep on writing things like "Oh, and I have some more Fuchsias to share with you all" and then I forget to share 'em.

Well, here's some sharing. ;-)

Fuchsia: Pink Jade


Most of these pretties come from visits to the South Coast Botanic Garden. Yeah, I was kind of lazy about garden hopping over the last three months. Oh well, I'll do better in the upcoming months. Here are a few more pretties.

Alnwick Rose

Dahlia: Unforgettable

Brugmansia: Yellow Angel's Trumpet

And let's cherish this song by The Association, which topped the early Autumn charts in 1966.


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