Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I've Got No Strings

Pinocchio released from Stromboli's cage by the Blue Fairy

I can't let the day pass without posting a brief celebration for the anniversary of Pinocchio's release date, February 7, 1940.

As a child, this was my favorite movie. The plot, the music, and the characters all caught my imagination, sometimes with a thrill of terror, like when Pinocchio begins to transform into a donkey or the escape scene with Monstro the whale.

That whale scene put such a scare into me that I was not able to get on the Storybook Land boat ride at Disneyland, which begins by entering into the gigantic mouth of Monstro. ;-)

Pinocchio makes a jackass out of himself on Pleasure Island

I don't know if it's still my favorite Disney movie, but it's definitely a Top Five constant.

Let's look at some vids:

Donkey Transformation Scene

Escape from Monstro the Whale

When You Wish Upon a Star, sung by Cliff Edwards


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