Friday, October 21, 2011

Dialogue between Wind and Waves

Point Vicente Lighthouse

Jutting into the Pacific Ocean, the Palos Verdes peninsula reaches its southwestern limit at Point Vicente, where the old lighthouse looms along the bluffs.

On a clear day, the view is gorgeous, the Pacific stretching out without end beyond the horizon, punctuated only slightly by the isle of Santa Catalina across the channel. But on a gray day like this, the dark sea merges into the leaden sky, and you feel as though you are standing at the World's End, only mist and darkness extending forever into a formless void. The waves murmur over one hundred feet below, an anxious chorus that echo across this forlorn scene.

It is on a day like this that you expect to witness the "Lady of the Light" strolling along the cliffs. Yes, true to type, the Point Vicente lighthouse is rumored to be haunted. But it's only a trick of the light. ;-)

Point Vicente was named in 1790 by Captain George Vancouver

Tearing myself away from morbid fantasies, I turned to the Point Vicente Interpretive Center to see the teaching facilities for marine biology.

I also had an interest in the memorabilia of the defunct oceanarium, Marineland of the Pacific. The collection at the Interpretive Center is nearly all that remains of what was once a wonderful local venue.

Entry Hall to the Point Vicente Interpretive Center

Sadly, I was pressed for time and had to make my visit quick. In any case, my mood was melancholy and seeing the excellent display of Marineland memorabilia only intensified it. I hope to return to the Interpretive Center sometime soon.

Hopefully, it will be a bright and happy day. ;-)

Here are a couple vids showcasing both the lighthouse and the Center.


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