Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Weekly Wrap: Wednesday #15

Point Vicente: At the bottom of the cliffs.

Blogger seems to be glitched tonight. So I'll keep this post short.

Eleven posts were written this week. That's an acceptable number. Post quality was also at a decent grade. I can do better, but I'm satisfied with this situation.

I've been slacking on covering the art gallery scene. That's mainly due to Pacific Standard Time crowding out other art-related posts. I need to remedy this imbalance. Gallery shows are an important part of keeping art vital and evolving. It's important to support these shows, even if it's only with an occasional blog post. ;-)

Dance at Bougival (1883) by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Here are the posts:

We had three art posts, our weekly update on the Pacific Standard Time events, the John Outterbridge "Rag Factory" exhibit at LA><ART, and the Oscar Castillo "Icons of the Invisible" show at UCLA's Fowler Museum.

Music was well represented with a celebration of George Crumb's birthday, a Strauss Waltz-fest, and our monthly Dance Party.

Friday Flowers were marigolds and Mexican Bush Sage put on some extra floral fun for the weekend. ;-)

We snuck in some advertising laughs in our celebration of Bigfoot.

Then we rounded out the week with a trip to the "haunted" Point Vicente lighthouse and a celebration of figure skating's Princess of Silver, Sasha Cohen.

Fun stuff!!! Here's your weekly weird.

It's Bigfoot. . . on Mars!!!


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