Sunday, October 30, 2011

A (Sculpture) Garden in Pasadena

Sculpture Garden at the Norton Simon Museum

A Garden in Pasadena (Lines 39 to 48)
(By John Hollander)

Flowering trees, perennial anthologies
     Of the outcry of color against
Versions of green, calculated plots of bright shrubs
     Empebbled, flowers of rhetoric
Blaring the brightest colors of unburning fire-
     All these compose themselves in evening
Calm, even at noon, or soon after. When the light
     Has weight, and when the undimmed music
Still taking place here comes to a consonant sigh,
     Wind roughs up the grass, and petals shake.

I know, Hollander's birthday was two days ago, but, since I visited a garden in Pasadena yesterday, it seemed like a shame to not share a snippet of his poetry in this post. ;-)

Rock Form: Porthcurno (1964) by Barbara Hepworth

The Norton Simon Sculpture Garden has a lovely selection of works arranged around a charming pond. I could spend an afternoon relaxing in this peaceful enclave of Art.

There is a strong mix between abstract modern works, such as those by Henry Moore or Barbara Hepworth, and classical figural pieces, such as the wonderful nudes by Aristide Maillol.

King and Queen (1952-53) by Henry Moore

River (1939-43) by Aristide Maillol

The Los Angeles area has many exquisite sculpture gardens, but the Norton Simon's might be my favorite.

Norton Simon Sculpture Garden facing towards the southwest


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