Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gigantopithicus Sasquansis

Image of Bigfoot from the Patterson-Gimlin film

Cryptozoology is a field of many strange creatures, but one of the most pervasive in popular culture is the Sasquatch, Bigfoot, a large hairy hominid that resides deep in the wilds.

Cryptid researchers have put vasts amounts of time and resources into finding the elusive creature, but have come up with little more than blurry photographs, suspicious footprints, and diverse animal droppings. As a person who loves a good story, I enjoy hearing the reports of "sightings" and the subsequent investigations. Even when it turns out to be an overt hoax, as in the Dyer-Whitton case of 2008, it still makes for an enjoyable tale.

The belief in "giants" has been a part of human mythology since ancient times, across numerous cultures. There seems to be a psychological yearning for such creatures, which some might ascribe to a racial memory of the times when our brethren hominids still existed, such as the neanderthal.

Sasquatch from the Jack Links Messin' with Sasquatch ads

Today marks 44 years since the Patterson-Gimlin film took our folkloric furry friend into the collective unconscious of popular culture.

So, let's celebrate our big-footed hairy hominid buddy today. ;-)

Detail of cover art from the Scooby Doo book "Case of the Bigfoot Beast"

Here are some vids from the Jack Links ad campaign "Messin' with Sasquatch" created by Carmichael Lynch.



  1. This is an interesting topic that I've referred to in many posts. For many years I worked for Philip Morris who claims to have sold the costume that was used in that film and disputes the entire thing as a hoax. I'm willing to believe that there may be something out there, but I need more proof.

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  2. Yeah, I like the concept of a sasquatch, but I'm considering them folklore until somebody steps up with compelling evidence. Blurry photos and footprint casts aren't doing it for me. :)