Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Only Trust Your Heart

Diana Krall was born on November 16, 1964

When I first heard Diana Krall in the early nineties, her voice, so smooth, silky, and sexy, was not enough to win my enthusiasm for her music, which seemed too "tribute" or "homage" based. Certainly, it made for good listening and Diana's jazz performance style could not be overpraised, but there was a "old fashioned" pop predictability that just turned me off.

I had been there. I had done that. She was exploring jazz's musical vistas which I had seen. Maybe it was because I was so immersed in classical music at that time, but I felt that, for all of her charm, she was bringing nothing new to these well worn standards. Classy and competent, no doubt, but her performances didn't innovate. They were just "standard rep."

Towards the end of 1999, I was listening to her music late at night. Her voice was so comforting, a warm caress of sound, passionate, inviting, and playful. At that I moment, I thought to myself, "Screw it! Her music stirs the passions and lifts the soul. Who cares if she's covering old ground, when she covers it so well?"

Diana Krall from the cover of All for You (1996)

So I am now an enthusiast of her music. Diana has also developed as an artist, growing more assured and distinct in her performance style. Whereas her early work feels very dependant and referential towards previous performers, she is now setting the standard for future jazz singers.

Let's look at a few vids:


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