Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Half Simpleton, Half God

Late Summer view of the Lily Pond at the Norton Simon Museum

It always amuses me that, whenever I take a vacation from the daily blogging, my readership seems to soar in terms of pageviews. Sometimes, it is because something about which I have written enters into wider consideration. This time it seems just random. It's curious, but I'm happy that some new readers have stumbled upon this humble blog.

As the photo above indicates, I went to visit the Norton Simon Museum over the weekend. They have a pretty good exhibit on still lifes, entitled "Significant Objects: The Spell of Still Life." Now, I'm not a fan of that genre of painting, but it was interesting looking at the huge collection on display, everything from Dutch tulip drawings to Claes Oldenburg's giant soft ketchup bottle. Yeah, it was comprehensive. ;-)

Hopefully, I'll get to write up a review of the show. It'll be tricky, since there is no photography allowed, but most of the images are available on the internet or from my own collection of photographed works. But for now, here's a Lipchitz:

Figure (1926-30) by Jacques Lipchitz

And, for half of this post, let's celebrate the birth date of Anton Bruckner, who was born on this date in 1824. Does this have anything to do with still lifes or my increased vacation readership? No, but incoherence is the name of today's game. ;-)

Actually, I'm not much of a Bruckner enthusiast. His music goes on and on, big and bombastic, each movement full of egregious repetitions, subtle variations, and loud confluences of sound. Nevertheless, he is one of the paragons of the late Romantic composers. If you have a lot of spare time today, give his work a listen. It's definitely interesting.

Here are a couple works:

"Te Deum"

"Symphony No.4 'Romantic' in E Flat Major, First Movement"


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