Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sublime Chance

Detail of Moonrise over the Sea (1822) by Caspar David Friedrich

Yeah, I'm a Romantic at heart.

Today we celebrate the birth date of Caspar David Friedrich, born on this date in 1774. His works have a moody darkness to them, with figures overwhelmed by the sublime beauty and grandeur of Nature. They are pensive visions.

In these landscapes, humanity seems so small, so fragile. Yet, there is a peacefulness within, an awareness of the transience of life in the face of the ancient cycles of the world. I find myself swept away into Friedrich's quiet world.

Detail of The Chasseur in the Forest (1813) by Caspar David Friedrich

And we can't pass up on celebrating the centennial of John Cage's birth. I'm really not much of a fan, but he certainly had a significant influence in the philosophy of aesthetics, from musical composition to poetic structure. I could write a vast commentary on his works, but gjuum llokdd hid, maqucf fronticly, dna kltovit ahendwei magdran. ;-)

Well, with the gkuudcit habbrof, let's listen to some of his music.

"In a Landscape"



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