Wednesday, May 2, 2012

2012 Weekly Wrap #10

Carl's Jr. commercial for the Southwest Patty Melt featuring Kate Upton. Why not?

A new month, a new sense of fun and excitement. Yeah, I'm finally feeling like I might be back on my game, blogging with ease and enthusiasm. I don't know what the malaise has been that has ground me down over the past five months, but I'm very happy to feel it going away.

But, while the spirit is willing, is the body weak? I don't know, but we'll see if post count and variety returns to the level of quality that I desire. There are plenty of topics that I love to discuss. From the fine arts to astronomy, advertising to ethics, whether the subject, there's something interesting to consider. I'm looking forward to sharing my passions and whimsy with you all.

That's enough about me. Let's look at the eleven posts since our last "Weekly" Wrap.

Play the carnival game. Win a banana doll.

We had three Music posts. First, a new month had come. .  so we celebrated our April Dance Party. Then the birth date of Duke Ellington allowed us to enjoy some of the classic performances of the early Jazz era. Finally, we had a whimsical post about dishes, stacking and washing and breakin' and, hmm, innuendo. ;-)

Garden lovers got to enjoy two posts. Our Friday Flowers featured Marguerite daisies and the poetry of Alice Notley. Then, we took a trip to the Huntington to check out the newly reopened Japanese Garden. Lovely!!!

Then we touched bases on a wide variety of our favorite subjects: advertising, art, automobiles, and cinema. First, we were amused by the conjunction of a billboard promoting condom usage next to a Carl's Jr. restaurant, which brought to mind all of those "spicy" ads for which the Happy Star is infamous. Then we went gallery hopping in the Culver City art district, viewing "Pink Cherries", female personifications of cities and a "Murder" of crows. Later, we celebrated the birth date of Nicola Romeo by visiting the Alfa Romeos in the Petersen's newest exhibit "Sculpture in Motion". And, finally, we took a moment to enjoy some vids from Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery in celebration of its fifteen year anniversary.

As regards my personal activities, there were two posts. First, I griped about my inability to write at the pace and eloquence that I desire; a type of post that I call "Misery Loves Company". Then I took a trip to the local Springfest carnival and took a few photos of the rides and games.

Over at Madrona Musings, we took another look at Adam Bateman's As the Rose, but this time is was at night!!! For Arbor Day, we took a look at the young California Sycamore tree that is growing right outside the museum, part of Joel Tauber's Sick-Amour project. Interesting stuff!!!

And that's it for the "week". I hope you all had fun.

Detail of Resurrection of the Flesh by Buff Monster


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