Tuesday, May 7, 2013

In a Blue Frame of Mind

The Blue Room by Richard Jackson

Although the Orange County Museum of Art's exhibition of works by Richard Jackson, Ain't Painting A Pain, has closed up, I figured that I would share a couple photos with you all. It was a fun time, both entertaining and inspiring. Yes, the huge statue of Bad Dog was definitely my favorite piece, but I was charmed by the entire collection, from the stacked paintings to the crashed model plane.

Each piece had a whimsical inventiveness at its core, an inviting quality that played to the viewer's sense of humor. Thus engaged in mirthful appreciation, the viewer could be drawn in to consider the artistry and craft, the use of structure and serendipity together, in the creation of the work.

I found it to be a fresh approach, accessible both to the casual art enthusiast and the dedicated art critic.

Detail of Maze for Eugenia Butler by Richard Jackson

I'm very grateful to the OCMA for putting on such a wonderful exhibit.

After all, how often to you see statues of deer with paint guns sticking out of their posteriors, spinning around on a platform, and randomized splats of paint all about? ;-)

Detail of Deer Beer by Richard Jackson

Anyways, here are a few vids of Richard Jackson's work:

"Bad Dog"

"Maze for Eugenia Butler"

"Painting with Two Balls"


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