Friday, May 17, 2013

Pure Like a Rose

Detail of My friends left me behind and went to the by Kazuki Takamatsu

Although my gallery visiting opportunities have dwindled, I was fortunate enough to pay a visit to see Kazuki Takamatsu's exhibit "Japanese Ideology of Puberty" at the Corey Helford Gallery. It was a very good show, full of complex imagery, haunting but humorous, erotic but ethereal. It is this tension between the serious and silly, the adult and the innocent, that gave this show such an engaging appeal.

The technique was distinctive, creating form and volume with simple depth mapping techniques and clear gradations between light and shadow. The resulted in a ghostly, yet iconic, set of visions.

As for the subject matter, the influence of manga stereotypes is obvious. However, the cartoon-like simplicity  hides a subtle psychological depth in the composition. Under the the surface of sword-wielding "magic girls" or dreamy school girls, there is a morbid and ominous darkness, hinting at an adult world of turmoil in which the fantastic archetypes of youth are powerless.

Detail of I expect the fog hides all which I don't want to by Kazuki Takamatsu

Yeah, the exhibit has wrapped up, but keep an eye open for Kazuki Takamatsu's work. I'm happy that I was able to check it out and am looking forward to seeing more at future shows.

It's good stuff!!! ;-)

Detail of A territory of a high school girl by Kazuki Takamatsu

And here is a vid, showcasing other examples of Kazuki Takamatsu's work:

"Paintings of Kazuki Takamatsu"


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