Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lamentation Dance of the Sponges

Untitled (2011) by Olga Lah, three sculptural forms constructed out of sponges

Among the many interesting pieces on exhibition at the Torrance Art Museum's South Bay Focus 2011, one of the most intriguing is Olga Lah's Untitled sponge sculptural group. Although totally abstract, the forms have an anthropomorphic quality, as if they are in a kinetic dialectical relationship with each other, perhaps dancing or fighting.

This feeling is intensified as one walks around the set, or between them. The way they lean or bend creates a sense of interactive engagement, both with the viewer and within the group.

The colors and orientation of the individual sponges that comprise the forms also lead the viewers eye into the motion, a circular dance from one to another.

Untitled (2011) by Olga Lah; sponge orientation and color create a visual rhythm.

It's easy to overlook this work, to brush it off as gimmicky or banal, but, in deeper consideration, the forms have wonderful linear and spatial cadence. Likewise, the color selections are not arbitrary choices but deliberate utilizations to enhance the perception of motion and emotion. It's a deceptively complex work.

Here are a few more images of Untitled (2011) by Olga Lah.

Untitled (2011) by Olga Lah; does it look like a dance?

Detail of Untitled (2011) by Olga Lah, the "bent" form

Detail of Untitled (2011) by Olga Lah, close-up of sponges

Detail of Untitled (2011) by Olga Lah, the "short" form

Untitled (2011) by Olga Lah; does it look like a fight?

Here's a vid:

Olga Lah's sponge sculpture at the Torrance Art Museum


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