Monday, December 5, 2011

Opening Night at South Bay Focus

Olga Lah's Untitled sculptures made out of sponges were a crowd favorite.

As promised, I attended the Torrance Art Museum's Opening Night for their current exhibit, South Bay Focus, featuring works from local artists. It was a fun night.

The exhibition's Juror, Carl Berg, led a tour of the displayed artworks. Given the extreme range of styles and technique on display in this show, it was interesting to think about the underlying curatorial selection process which brought together such an interesting variety into a coherent exhibition. I was impressed with the results.

Ibex (aka Rock Bock) (2010) by Andrea Kitts Senn

I'll have to pay another visit to take a leisurely, quiet viewing of the show. Fun stuff!!!

Here are a couple more photos that I took on Opening Night.

A good attendance showed up to view the art.

Conversation in front of Jung Ji Lee's m.s.m. yang

Gallery Two held some of my favorite pieces, including Rency Punnooses' The Way of Rain

This is a really good show. Moreover, supporting local artists and cultural venues is always something that I encourage. So, if you're in the area, check out South Bay Focus 2011 at the Torrance Art Museum, which is running until December 16, 2011.


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