Sunday, December 18, 2011

Angel of Normandie

Graffiti on the side of a building on Normandie Ave., north of the Sunset intersection

I found myself stuck in the traffic, going south on Normandie Avenue, inching my way towards Sunset, as every other car ahead of me foolishly attempted to make a left turn against oncoming vehicles. After more than a few minutes, I started getting a bit testy. Driving in or near the city core is never a pleasant experience.

So, I took a deep breath and looked around for something, anything, that might lighten my mood. And, as if in answer to a prayer, I spotted this graffiti angel, a charming example of the type of street art that can be found all over the urban center of Los Angeles. I felt immediately better.

Although I go to see aesthetically pleasing works in museums and galleries, if only I could keep my eyes open to the world around me, I would see that the world is filled with Beauty, from the humble to the grand, from the folksy to the refined. My mind works in a methodical, categorical manner, filing away experiences and expectations in delineated spaces and at properly noted times. I sometimes forget that life is not a script, and existence isn't circumscribed to a really big stage; the Schedule is not God.

Shortly thereafter, a batch of cars ahead of me didn't attempt to make a left at the intersection, allowing me to escape from the gridlock and, eventually make my way back to the Westside. ;-)


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