Sunday, March 31, 2013

Baskets Full of Easter Joy

Rose o'neill, kewpie dolls, holiday card, easter
Rose O'Neill's Kewpie Dolls celebrate Easter

Candies and colored eggs, chocolate bunnies and marshmallow peeps, these are the yummy treats that make Easter second only to Halloween in gustatory delight. If I liked peppermint, then I'd give the Silver to Christmas, but rich Cadbury creme eggs beat them every time. Santa gets a Bronze. ;-)

Now, a good Fourth of July barbecue shouldn't be overlooked, nor should fresh Thanksgiving pies, but, for the intense sugar rush, they just don't compare.

So, we're back again, celebrating a standard holiday. Long time readers may remember that I don't really care about such festivities, which is still the case, but I'm no party pooper or Scrooge. I can find something interesting to celebrate on any day, for numerous occasions, and one of the purposes for which I blog is to share these special events with you. Nevertheless, since our society marks today as a "holiday", it's only neighborly of me to express my best wishes to all.

The Easter Bunny greets children at the Del Amo Shopping Center.

Therefore, may joy and prosperity be yours throughout the year. May you find happiness and reason for gratitude on every day. May you find the strength to overcome any trouble that you may face and the cleverness to make the most out of any good fortune that you receive.

Happy Easter!!!

And, of course, eat your sweets responsibly and take care to brush your teeth. You don't want old Peter Cottontail to be followed upon by the Cavity Creeps, right?

A basket of See's Candies treats. Yum!!!

And here are a couple vids from Rankin/Bass Easter specials:

A clip from Peter Cottontail (1971)

An analysis of The First Easter Rabbit (1976)

"Train Yard Blues" from The Easter Bunny Is Comin' to Town (1977)


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