Sunday, March 10, 2013

In a Mist

rain clouds, twilight, pink
The last rays of the setting sun paint the undersides of the rain clouds a gentle pink hue.

I'm too tired today to do any quality blogging. The Daylight Savings switch always messes me up, especially if I have a late Saturday night. Throughout the day, I've been fuzzy headed and aimless. It's like my mind is in a mist.

At least the weather seems to have cleared up and gotten a bit warmer. Being a native Californian, I like my days pleasantly sunny and warm. However, I do appreciate the beauty of dramatic weather, at least if I don't have to spend much time outdoors actually dealing with it.

Oh well, I think that I'll call it an early night. ;-)

And, for our evening's musical selection, let's listen to some Bix Beiderbecke, in celebration of his birth date, March 10, 1903.

"Singin' the Blues"

"I'm Coming, Virginia"

"At the Jazz Band Ball"


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