Saturday, March 30, 2013

Life's A Beach

Waves, viewed from the Hermosa Beach pier

Although I live relatively close to the Pacific Ocean, I don't make an effort to photograph it very much. It might be that I've become so familiar with the beach, the waves, the people and birds, that I have developed a "blind spot" towards them. Well, I'm fortunate to be within a healthy walking distance of some of SoCal's finest beaches. So, I ought to make stronger efforts to share the local beauty with you all.

Previously, I mentioned that I was considering a change of blogging schedule. Because a generally have a very active Saturday schedule, I'm thinking of instituting "Snapshot Saturday", a quick and easy sort of topic about which to form a post. We'll bounce "Silly Saturday" on over to "Funny Monday", when I'll have something of a humorous or bizarre nature to share.

Beach-goers and volleyball games

I also think that I may switch "Spooky Sunday" posts back over to "Terror Tuesday", again to accommodate the demands of my weekend schedule. And maybe I'll designate an "Aesthetic Thursday" in which I can showcase some art or an exhibit at one of the local museums or galleries. I always intend to put up art-related posts, but somehow time seems to slip away before I can. Perhaps, setting up a scheduled day will help out.

As always, we'll see how this goes. My intentions do not always become actualized as deeds, but it's worth considering.

Hermosa Beach pier


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