Sunday, August 12, 2012

Fountain in a Heat Wave

H. Clay Kellogg Memorial Fountain at the Rose Garden, South Coast Botanic

Ugh!!! It's brain-meltingly hot and humid today. Living down in the South Bay of Los Angeles, the marine layer from the Pacific Ocean is supposed to keep the temperature mellow. Well, that's true; it is significantly cooler than the rest of the city, but being less miserable than the poor folks out in the Valley is little consolation.

Looking at this fountain, I just want to plunge into the cool, clear water.

Splash!!! ;-)

Here are a few vids:

"(Love Is Like a) Heat Wave" by Martha & the Vandellas

"Heat Wave" by Ella Fitzgerald

"Heatwave" by The Blue Nile

"Boogie Nights" by Heatwave ;-)


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