Monday, August 13, 2012

Too Many Books to Read

Bookshelves in the library

Why don't I have limitless time to read everything that captures my interest?

I can never understand how people can become bored. I always want to read another book, see another movie, hear another piece of music, and experience new sensations. Even when I'm stuck in traffic or waiting in a line, my mind is constantly turning over ideas, my imagination is ceaselessly taking flights of fancy.

There are so many things to do. If I were to write up a "Bucket List," it would scroll down without end.

Even when my life comes upon difficulty, there's something there to inspire me. Like a flame that keeps the darkness away, my love for learning and experience keeps me safe from the doldrums of depression. There is always something or somebody out there that will bring me joy.

I hope that the playful meanderings of this blog inspires you to seek out those things that capture your interest. Whether it is music or literature or art, there are countless treasures to be found, if only you set your mind to it. ;-)


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