Thursday, November 29, 2012

Where to Begin?

Image from Friedrich Kunath's exhibit "Lacan's Haircut" exibited at Blum & Poe (9/8-10/27, 2012)

Well, I've been writing and creatively involved, but, sadly, not doing much blogging. I have a kazillion photos to share with you all, from too many places, too many exhibits and shows, too many whimsical moments to count. So, I'll just randomly select images from over the past four months to give a sample of the fantastic things that I experienced in the world around me. Yeah, it's the "Image of the Day" concept that I keep on promising.

Hopefully, I'll also start regular posts again, but let's not get too ambitious. ;-)

Image of Friedrich Kunath's "Lacan's Haircut" in Blum & Poe's parking lot

Get ready for some fun stuff!!!

Check out these videos featuring the works of Friedrich Kunath:

Interesting work. I especially enjoy the installation environments that Kunath creates. I'm sorry that I didn't get around to covering his show while it was on exhibit locally, but keep your eyes open for future shows.


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