Wednesday, January 30, 2013

When the Sun Sets

Sunset, Purple Sky, Red Tail Lights, Twilight
Twilight descends upon the land, as the last rays of sunlight glow red upon the horizon.

The grind of days keeps on wearing me down.

Even the beauty of the sunset, with the last rays of light stretching across the horizon in shades of crimson and orange, brings me no happiness or comfort, only a distant aesthetic appreciation. The moon, so full and near in the winter night, has no charm for me right now. And it has been so very cold, at least by our local standards.

I know that this current malaise will pass. Yet, the moments seem to drag with excruciating slowness. I feel like I'm in some annoying Existentialist drama, waiting for Godot or some other Sisyphean futility. And I freakin' hate it!!!

Yeah, I know this doesn't make for interesting reading. Don't worry. This angst shall pass. For now, just look at the photographs and forgive me for the weepy prose.


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