Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Stop the Clocks!!!

 Triple stop!!! Within a puddle, the stop sign is reflected.

It would have been a bit humorous, after all the bold proclamations of yesterday, if I had failed to put up a post on the second day of the year. Fortunately for my pride, I made it under the wire with a nice “reflection” photo. There is something cool about looking at the world upside down in a body of water.

Anyways, I really thought that I had a bunch of time tonight to write up a full blog post, but somehow it slipped away. If only we could stop the clock, making the hours stretch until we can accomplish all those things that we desire. There are too many movies to watch, books to read, stories to tell, and delights to experience to fit into the leftover time of the day, after the daily grind in finished.

Well, we'll make it work out somehow.

Here are a few songs.

“Stop in the Name of Love” by The Supremes

“Stop” by Matchbox Twenty

“Stop the Clocks” by Leona Lewis


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