Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Opportunites Presented by the Calendar

 Perpetual Calendar by Hemisferium (front)

If one is going to undertake a project, then it ought to be worthy of one's best effort. This is especially true for “labors of love” which give no material rewards, providing satisfaction only in having done it well. This is the situation that I find myself facing with this blog. I'm writing here merely because I want to share my thoughts and inspirations with the readers, but haven't been doing it as well as I would like. Therefore, it's time to rededicate myself, to return to a regular rate of blogging, to entertain and inform as best as my time and talent will allow.

With the flip of the calendar, I am presented with a new starting point, an opportunity to get back on track. I'm going to be putting back my old features to establish a reliable rhythm of blogging, from Silly Saturday to Friday Flowers, from Weekly Wraps to Monthly Dance Parties. Moreover, my 365 Photo project will formalize the previously haphazard “Image of the Day” posts upon which I have been heavily relying over the past few months.

At least, this is my intent. This is my resolution. I love writing, playing with words, conveying my experiences through prose and verse, even if they frequently drift to the shade of purple. So, I am again committed, dedicated anew to blogging, compelled to do it properly.

 Perpetual Calendar by Hemisferium (back)

And, hopefully, these words are worthy of you, my darling readers. ;-)

Now, let's listen to some music.

“Calendar Girl” by Neil Sedaka

“Calendar” by Emily Barker & The Red Clay Halo

“Calendar” by Paris Combo


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