Monday, April 22, 2013

Barbie: Goddess of Spring

Barbie, as the Goddess of Spring, wishes everyone a Happy Earth Day

Given my love for flowers and fascination with landscapes, one would think that these would be the images that would grace this blog on Earth Day. Well, I've been sitting on these Barbie photos for a while. So I figured that today would be a nice occasion to share them with you. ;-)

It's funny how blogging evolves over time. Going back a couple of years, I wrote about environmental topics on a regular basis, although it was never a primary focus. Now, I rarely discuss such matters. Perhaps it is because I find it so disheartening a topic. In spite of a continuous data stream of studies that reliably indicate looming ecological troubles, the governing powers of the world are not yet interested in seriously addressing the issue. Moreover, the populace as a whole is either too stuck in complacency or blinded by ideology, refusing to demand action on the matter.

It's too depressing. In short, I consider the debate for a ecologically comfortable future to be over, with the win going to those who enable the pollution and despoiling of our world. The wealthy exploitative elite will get their filthy lucre, while the powerless will suffer the consequences. Maybe some technological breakthrough will save the day, but the tipping point to bad times is soon to come.

Full length view of Goddess of Spring Barbie (2000)

Anyways, Barbie makes for a nice Earth Day image. Her plastic figure will endure well beyond our days, beyond whatever troubles may come, whether she ends up submerged beneath the waves of a toxic sea or buried in the arid desolation of a great drought-induced desert. Our little goddess will persist. ;-)



  1. Don't yet give up the planet or it's (sometimes stupid) human inhabitants. With the Goddess of Spring always comes rebirth and renewed hope for better things ahead.

  2. Yeah, that's good advice. Keeping hope is better than brooding pointlessly in despair. Thanks for the uplifting words, amigo!