Monday, April 8, 2013

Devil's Trill

It's all about me!!! and Elmo!!!

Well, I haven't very much to share with you today. However, I do have this photo.

I encourage you to engage in your creative faculties. Embrace your inner artiste and discern the significance of this image for yourself. After all, according to contemporary critical theory, no work of art is completed until the viewer finds a personal meaning for him or herself.

So, what does this work say to you? Given your personal experience, your prominence as the height of Creation, what does it all mean?!!! Only your personal genius can bring order from chaos, establishing the Foundation from the Void.


And, to celebrate the birth date of Giuseppe Tartini, let's defy the Devil and listen to an infernal trill.

The "Devil's Trill" performed by Anne-Sophie Mutter

How can such beauty be from so vile a source? Let's hear it for 300 years of diabolic inspiration!!! ;-)


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