Monday, April 1, 2013

Foolish Fun

Laughing dummies, produced by Big Smile Mannequins

April Fool's Day is the most obnoxious day on the internet. All the silly "joke" stories, all the pranks and spoofs, these are rarely as clever as their writers intend. Normally, I consider it to be a day to take an on-line hiatus. ;-)

Maybe, it's because I have no sense of humor. Perhaps, it's because I'm too serious or self-important. Whatever the case, I find much for exasperation and little for amusement.

Well, you will not find me partaking of the folly of the "holiday" but, if you're inclined towards the silly, here are a few photos of mannequins. Creepy or funny? You decide.

Clearance sale, including mannequins for $50

I vote for creepy, especially those Big Smile laughing dummies. That's an image for a quick trip down into the Uncanny Valley.

As for some appropriate music, there are plenty of "foolish" sounds and songs. However, I recently saw an exhibit of Llyn Foulkes' work at the Hammer Museum, including some of his music, performed on his self-designed Machine. Let's look at a few of his vids:

In the Church with Llyn Foulkes

"Smoggy Day in Old L.A."

"Your Cheatin' Heart"


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