Sunday, April 7, 2013

To Gratify Your Curiosity

King Kong (1933), promotional image

Unexpected demands upon my time came up over the past few days, leaving me with little time to blog. However, I'm not complaining; it's better than being sick or pointlessly idle. Nevertheless, we can't let the day pass without celebrating the 80th anniversary of the release of King Kong.

Although it has been remade, spoofed, and copied on more than a few occasions, the classic 1933 movie still provides a compelling story, filled with thrills and adventure. Yeah, the narrative techniques and characterizations do feel antique and awkward, by modern sensibilities, but, if one is willing to suspend disbelief, to turn off the contemporary critical standards, King Kong still makes for good viewing.

Then there is the whole historical appreciation angle, assessing how it influenced subsequent "monster" films and the development of special effects in movie-making. And has there ever been a "Scream Queen" as compelling as Fay Wray? ;-)

Barbie as Fay Wray, caught in Kong's clutches (2002).

Anyways, here's to the Eighth Wonder of the World.

And remember, it was Beauty that killed the Beast.

Here are some vids:

King Kong climbs the Empire State Building

Trailer for the 1938 rerelease of King Kong

Fay Wray tribute


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