Saturday, January 26, 2013

Living Foodstuffs

Sophie the Pink Lemonade Ice Pop and Vampire Candy Corn from the World of Mr. Toast

Well, we've been looking at various toys over the past few weeks. So, let's check out a few plush dolls from the World of Mr. Toast!!!

You might be wondering why anybody would want to have dolls of drunken carrots or smiling ice pops. You might not find comics of sentient and mobile foodstuffs engaging in absurd behavior, minimal though it may be, to be of great interest. Well, there are some out there that enjoy playing with their food. ;-)

And, anyways, how can anyone dislike a fanged and winged candy corn?!!

Joe the Egg and Shaky Bacon

Fun stuff!!!

Again, these photographs were taken at a display put up by Pop Monster, a local retailer in South Torrance that specializes in collectible, alternative, and independent toys. Check them out!!!

Drunken Carrot and Mr. Toast

And here are a few vids:

"Everyone's Wearing Them"

"Best Friends"

"Strolling Along"


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