Saturday, June 1, 2013

Declaration of Intent: June 2013

Shadows and light alternate in the patio at the South Coast Botanic Garden

Alright. Last month could have been more productive, less image dependent, and more focused upon my main selling points as a "culture" critic and enthusiast. To an extent, it was a shortage of time that derailed my blogging. I definitely had plenty of photos to share and many interesting topics to discuss. It's a pity that I couldn't get around to featuring them.

And that's an all-to-common refrain here at Paideia. The stores of unused photos sitting on my hard drive and back-ups are mind-boggling. So, rather than let them go forgotten, these images will be dredged up and given the spotlight, even if it's something from a couple years back. With so much material from which to select, there is absolutely no reason for me to go a day without providing an interesting image.

Moreover, I'm again going to attempt to put up posts with significant critical written content, be it regarding art, cinema, or music. And we'll get back on track with our weekly features, such as Friday Flowers. Seriously, it isn't that much work, requiring a very small investment of time in creating a popular and pretty aspect of this blog.

So, it's time to roll for initiative and get this project back in flight. ;-)

Aerospace mural in El Segundo


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