Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Flowers: Snow-In-Summer

Cerastium Tomentosum: Snow-in-Summer

Well, it may not be Summer just yet, but we've got "snow" already. ;-)

I decided we'd go with a less popular type of flower this week. While visiting the South Coast Botanic Garden, I noticed a nice bank of these darling ornamental flowers, silvery and small. So I took a few photos to share with you all.

Last week, I had hoped to have some poetry to go with this week's floral selection. Well, time ran out and I figured that it was better to get a post up without a thematic poem than to skip our weekly view of botanical beauties.

Cerastium Tomentosum: Snow-in-Summer

Anyways, I think these precious little flowers need no verse nor lyric to enhance their bright charm.

So, when Summer arrives in a few days, think of this "snow" to keep cool. ;-)


And here's a totally unrelated vid:

"Flow My Tears" by John Dowland


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