Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dancing and Singing for the Muse

SZC Project performs a dance across the LACMA campus as part of the Muse Artwalk events

My friends sometimes ask me, if I have the normal member's free admission to LACMA's galleries, why would I attend the bustle and crowd of the annual Muse Artwalk? The answer is obvious: the performances. Certainly, I can visit the museum whenever I wish. Likewise, I'm no stranger to the Miracle Mile art galleries. But it is a rarity that I can view some engaging modern dance performances.

Moreover, the manner in which the choreography incorporates the unique features of the site absolutely cannot be replicated anywhere else. This makes for a "one time only" experience, an aesthetic moment that is transitory, constrained in time and space. For me, this limitation makes it a precious and much coveted art event.

Yeah, sometimes the throng of visitors might get annoying, especially if they have some rambunctious children with them. However, for the uncommon taste of performance art and dance, I will happily tolerate an occasional screaming babe. ;-)

Invertigo Dance performing in front of Chris Burden's Urban Light (2008)

Now, the hazy and humid heat might present another problem, but, if the performers can endure it, then I can do so as well. After all, it's not me jumping around, kicking and twisting and writhing, upon the hot concrete of the BP Grand Entrance. And that's a very good thing. :-P

A dancer from kDub Dance, constrained within the boundaries delineated by colored tape.

The performances were well worth the effort. I especially enjoyed SZC Project's performance upon the exterior stairway of the Broad Contemporary, but each dance brought something new and engaging. They really inspired me to make more of an effort to attend dance events. Every year, the Artwalk inspires me, but I rarely follow through. This time, I intend to hit at least three shows before next year's event.

But it wasn't all dance. There was some excellent music to enjoy as well. Some Latin Jazz spiced up the early evening, with a performance by Estaire Godinez in nearby Hancock Park.

Estaire Godinez on vocals and percussion, performing in Hancock Park

But the performance by Little Red Lung, a local indie alternative band, really caught my interest. Their style of music isn't my favorite, but they delivered with a compelling set of songs. I'll keep my eyes open for this band. Hopefully, they'll make their way down to the South Bay venues for a show.

Little Red Lung's Zoe-Ruth Erwin singing

So, between the music and the dances, the Muse Artwalk was an excellent event, and we haven't even talked about the many fine galleries that were displaying awesome works of art. I'm very happy that I was able to attend.

SZC Project is Sara Silkin, Lydia Zimmer, and Dorothy Chen

And here are some vids:


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