Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Stripes of Shadow and Light

Alternating bands of shadow and light at the Torrance Cultural Arts Center

I am fond of repetition and pattern. When looking at architectural designs, I love a good set of tightly packed parallel lines. ;-)

Perhaps, my favorite way of creating these driving, linear bands is through the use of shadow and sunlight. It's a beautiful technique that combines the geometric precision of the linear design with the ephemeral and dynamic qualities of light. As the day progresses, the experience of the stripes changes, from being loosely aligned with the casting structure to locking into a firm conjunction with the architectural design.

I love the way in which it draws my gaze into the distance or along a path.

Torrance Cultural Arts Center

This form of open architecture and the utilization of natural light and shadow are hallmarks of Californian design. It's another reason why I love living out here in Los Angeles.

Where the gardens are always blooming and the days are always bright! ;-)

Shadow and light form stripes on the patio of the South Coast Botanic Garden

And, since we're talking about stripes, here are a few vids featuring the White Stripes:

"Hello Operator"

"Fell in Love with a Girl"

"Seven Nation Army"

"Blue Orchid"


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