Sunday, February 17, 2013

2013 Weekly Wrap #4

Tinker Bell, Mirror Scene, Disney, Peter Pan, 1953
Tinker Bell admires her reflection in a mirror.

It has been two weeks since we last put up a Weekly Wrap.

Well, we're still keeping up a reliable daily posting average. Moreover, the topics have ranged across the spectrum, from Disney animated features to Imagist poetry, from liberationist reggae to commercialized "meat product", from flirtatious coquettes to gloomy lighthouses. The wandering focus and diverse interest of Paideia was in high form during this recent period.

There is plenty of space for improvement, but I'm currently satisfied with the consistency, the fact that I'm producing something new almost every day. Although my readership is still down, decimated by Google's new image search, those that remain seem to be "quality" readers, interested in the blog's content rather than a grandstanding image, like Daphne Blake exposing her panties at Bergamot Station. ;-)

So, maybe the reduced readership is an improvement for now. We'll see how it goes.

reflections, sunglasses
Lawrence, eyes obscured by reflections

Let's get to the Wrap:

We covered two holidays, Mardi Gras and Valentine's Day. On both occasions, we had the joy of admiring Barbie in seasonally appropriate finery. Additionally, a couple works from the local museums got the "front page" treatment, as part of the festivities.

We also had two Friday Flowers, orange clivia and blue forget-me-not, the later being paired up with the poetry of Elizabeth Bishop. But one poetess wasn't enough for us this time around. We also put the birth date spotlight on the works of Amy Lowell.

Food and drink were not far from our minds either. We enjoyed some rum, be it mixed with Coca-Cola or worked into a fancy cocktail. Then we "enjoyed" some SPAM; well, we enjoyed mocking the cartoon mascot, Sir Can-a-Lot. ;-)

Our journeys took us to a couple local lighthouses, but our imagination also flew off to Neverland in celebration of the 60th anniversary of Disney's Peter Pan. Though we occasionally felt zombie-like, deprived of vigor and joy, the rousing music of Bob Marley kept us from succumbing to the hopelessness of Babylon!!!

Finally, we listened to some music by Ladyhawke while looking at a photo of a fountain. Yeah, it was kind of random.

And that was how we went over the last "week" of blogging. I'm looking forward to another set of exciting and engaging posts for the upcoming week or so.

Point Fermin Lighthouse, San Pedro, night
Point Fermin lighthouse at night.


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