Sunday, February 3, 2013

2013 Weekly Wrap #3

Twilight, Pacific Ocean, South Bay
Twilight, overlooking the Pacific Ocean

This has been a very bad time for me.

You have probably noticed that I'm dealing with serious unhappiness in my personal life. Well, to make matters worse, Google has played around with its Image Search, resulting in a massive drop of viewers to this blog. To explain the situation in a succinct way, the images of this site can be viewed in full without having to actually visit this blog. Therefore, Google Images gets the traffic that my content generates, but Paideia gets nothing.

Now, as I have said on past occasions, I don't blog for fame or fortune. My goal is to share information, ideas, and my diverse enthusiasms with anybody who is interested. It's all about learning and experiencing, conveying my love for the arts and sciences to others and, hopefully, encouraging them to cultivate a similar passion for learning. I am an evangelist preaching a gospel of aesthetic revelation.

Therefore, it doesn't really matter if it's me or Google that gets the credit. As long as my message is expressed, then this blogging is worthwhile. However, I am a rarity in this matter; most bloggers want something for their hard work, a reward for the content which they create. Yet, their material is being scraped away and their traffic revenue is plummeting. That's not fair.

I'm waiting to see if the situation will be addressed. It feels somewhat unethical to be donating my content to Google when they're causing such difficulties for my fellow bloggers. I may have to close down the shop or stop putting up images. We'll see.

Lawrence under the nearly leafless branches

Anyways, here's the Wrap.

We had four Art related posts. First, we appreciated the street artistry of Angry Woebots. Then we visited CoproGallery to view the exhibit, Conjoined III, filled with ghoulish imagery. Next up was a birthday celebration for Claes Oldenburg, featuring some of his works in Las Vegas. Finally, we appreciated Cesar Santander's painting of Betty Boop, which was part of Route 66, an exhibition at Skidmore Contemporary Art.

There were two Friday Flowers, a white winter and some Birds of Paradise. Silly Saturday took us to the World of Mr. Toast. ;-)

We brought back our monthly celebration of music, looking at the songs of January over the decades. And then we had three photo posts, some random groceries, leafless trees, and an image of twilight descending; it was a weepy collection.

Anyways, we'll see what the future brings. I'm driving in the dark right now, but I don't know when things will brighten up, when the sun will eventually rise.

Midnight 76, Eric Nash, Skidmore Contemporary Art, Route 66
Detail of Midnight 76 (2012) by Eric Nash, part of Skidmore Contemporary's Route 66 exhibit.


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