Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Glorious Spam!!!

Spam, Sir Can-A-Lot, Cartoon character
Sir Can-A-Lot, cartoon promoter of Glorious SPAM!!!

We'll there are a whole lot of silly cartoon characters used to shill various foodstuffs. Perhaps one of the silliest is the  "spokescharacter" that SPAM introduced to celebrate their 75th anniversary, Sir Can-A-Lot. This diminutive knight goes about surprising people in their kitchens and exhorting them to spice up their meals with "Glorious SPAM!"

Yeah, that's not a word pairing that one hears very often. ;-)

Anyways, I figured we could do with a whimsical post tonight.And every one's favorite "mystery meat" is on the menu!!!

Here are a few ads:

"The Making of Sir Can-A-Lot"

"Kitchen Catapult"

"Egg Encounter"

"Pantry Discovery"


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