Saturday, February 16, 2013

Another Random Photograph

Garden fountain, water ripples, Heritage Court
Water jets forth from the fountain top at Heritage Court, Redondo Beach

Well, another photo blog is what I'm giving to you today.

A special oddity of my behavior is my love for randomization. Every so often, when at a loss in making a decision, I like pulling out the dice or cards and letting fortune choose my course of action. That's what happened today; I have things about which I would like to write but possess no time for it on this morning.

Therefore, I opened up my image folders, counted up the viable files, selected some dice, and rolled up a result. Yeah, so this somewhat phallic "image of the day" doesn't reflect any peculiar mental state that I'm experiencing or whatnot. ;-)

One thing that is so awesome about establishing determinative randomization is that such methods may be used for a wide array of subjects. For instance, we can select music. . .

And the cards say our "music of the day" comes from Ladyhawke. So, here are a few vids to satisfy your yearnings for "New Wave revival" synthpop from New Zealand. It's something yummy!!!

"My Delirium"

"Sunday Drive"

"Back of the Van"


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