Saturday, March 5, 2011

And Where Are the Clowns?

Photo: Ben Hider / Getty Images

I've got to admit it. Although Ronald creeps me out and I loath eating McDonald's "food", reports that he's being phased out make me a bit sad. He's an American pop culture icon, along with Mickey Mouse or Superman or Snoopy. Yeah, the aforementioned characters are entertainment-based while Ronald is advertising-based, but his image-identification is just as strong. I guess that's the problem.

According to a Bloomberg article, "Ronald McDonald Sidelined as Chain Touts Lattes", McDonald's is trying to shed its fast-food image. And Ronald is inseperable from that image. Money quote:

“He kind of represents the old McDonald’s, with the high- fat content foods that are kind of falling out of favor.”

Oh well, at least Ronald still has Japan. ;-)

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