Saturday, March 5, 2011

That Girl So Scandalous

(Photo NOT of Ms. Hamper)

An Ohio TV anchor tried to write off  $167,356 from her taxes in beauty supplies, clothing, and other aestetic/cosmetic accessories and enhancements. Including thongs!!! Money quote:

"She claimed they were all essential to her job, because after all, you can only trust the word of someone who is pretty. Also, outside beauty is only part of the picture; it really matters whether she feels pretty and sexy, which is, we guess, where the thongs come in."

The court disagreed with her premise. ;-)

Sources: Ohio TV Anchor Discovers Thongs Are Not Tax Deductible

I can't pass up the opportunity for a joke:

Q- What do barbed wire and thongs have in common?
A- Both protect the property, but neither obstruct the view.

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