Thursday, March 3, 2011

There Is No Light Without Darkness

"Star Light, Star Fright" (2008) by Anthony Clarkson

I've been thinking about marionettes. They creep me out with their jerky movement, frozen faces, and gravity defiant steps. It's likely a variation of the Uncanny Valley effect. Likewise, realistic 3D computer animation and humanoid robots make me just as uncomfortable.

With regard to marionettes, I enjoy the chills that they give me. It's a morbid fascination that keeps me watching, even as the goosebumps crawl across my skin. The image above captures the feeling, the tension between menace and enthrallment. I like it!

I'm really fond of Anthony Clarkson's work. Creepy, yet captivating. If you're interested in such a dark aesthetic, make certain to visit his website, the Grim Wonderland.

Here's another example of the delightfully uncanny. Enjoy!

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