Saturday, March 3, 2012

Corridor to Coca-Cola

Empty Seats and a Coke Machine

For this new year of Paideia posts, I want to share more "whimsy" photos, which I've already started with recent "stairway" articles.

That doesn't mean that I'll stop doing my normal birth date celebrations for artists, painters, poets, and other such cultural luminaries. In fact, it'll allow me to feature some people about whom I normally know very little, but can appreciate. For example, today is the birth date of Federico Moreno Torroba, an interesting Spanish classical, born in 1891.

I know just about nothing about him, but I like his guitar music. ;-)

Federico Moreno Torroba was born on March 3, 1891.

So, let's listen to some music!

"Fandanguillo" performed by Andres Segovia

"Torija" performed by Per-Olov Kindgren

"Madronos" performed by Rupert Boyd


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