Monday, May 2, 2011

Second Weekly Wrap Up

Don't Stare into the Light

This is our second weekly wrap up here at Paideia. It's been a busy week. In fact, so busy that I'm writing this a day late. Oops!!!

Anyways, here's a list of this past week's fun and games:

We started the week with I am Vengeance! I am the Night! taking note of the 72nd anniversary of the publication of Detective Comics #27, introducing Batman to the world.

In First Lady of Song and In a Mellow Mood, we celebrated the birth date of one of jazz's greatest singers, Ella Fitzgerald.

Then I dabbled in "dream blogging" in Keep His Eyes Covered, featuring some Schubert lieder and a creepy image from Caniglia.

In The Wellspring of Good, we paid homage to the greatness of Marcus Aurelius, my favorite Roman Emperor, who was born on that date in the year 121.

Another birthday that we celebrated was that of Giorgio Moroder in I Always Tell the Truth. Plenty of fun music was featured.

Isn't It Funny, How a Bear Likes Honey? was a whimsy post featuring some poetry by Emily Dickinson and some music by Camera Obscura. That's not a combo that you'll often see.

One of the most beautiful pieces of music was celebrated in Für Elise. Thank you, Mr. Beethoven.

We discussed a study regarding birds with big brains and their ability to adapt to an urban environment in Down These Mean Streets.

Another birthday celebration, this time we give a Happy Birthday to Sheena Easton in A Form of Appreciation.

I reported on a poetry reading by Traci Kato-Kiriyama in Signaling in the Library. Good stuff!!!

We did a bit of "art blogging" in Precarious Transition from Girl to Woman, featuring the "Sparrow Lane" photographs of Holly Andres and their use of Nancy Drew-like imagery.

Another birthday commemoration. This time for Blossom Dearie, a jazz singer and pianist, in Girly Talk. As the title implies, I discuss her unique vocal qualities.

In One of the Lonely People, I mock Karl Lagerfeld and his chocolate suite, a publicity event for Magnum Ice Cream.

Then we celebrated the birth date of Duke Ellington over the course of three posts, Got Lots of Class, Beyond Category, and It Don't Mean a Thing. Very good stuff!!!!!

Friday Flowers Again featured Amy Lowell's poem, "Lilacs".

We returned to the Torrance Art Museum for another look at it exhibit in Gateway: Japan Revisited. Yes, it had yet another photo of the Capitoline Donkey. ;-)

Then I reported on my trip to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in Sweet Music Soft and Mellow. I discussed a performance by Denise Donatelli, photographs of Liz Taylor, sculptures by David Smith, and the Magna Carta. Who could ask for anything more?

Than we had a light humor post featuring GameStop's ads in Buck the Bunny and the Perilous Platforms.

Finally, we reported on Torrance's Japanese Festival in Bunka Sai. There were kotos, bonsai, naginata, and ikebana. Who could ask for anything more? ;-)

Anyways, thanks for reading this blog. Hopefully, this upcoming week is even better. Any comments or critiques on how I might improve this blog are much appreciated.


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