Wednesday, May 18, 2011

True Love's First Kiss

Theatrical Release Poster

Wow! It's been a decade since the first Shrek movie was released. It had a production budget of $60 million, but earned $42.3 million on the US opening weekend alone. It went on to earn $267.6 million domestic and $484.4 million worldwide, spawning a multi-movie franchise.

Although it came out at a time when I was not going to the cinema, even I ended up seeing it on the Big Screen. Yeah, I had to be dragged out to the theater, but I actually really enjoyed it. The mix of fantasy, humor, and action was just right. And the animation was exquisite.

Sadly, the sequels have been of significantly lower story quality. (Note: I have not yet seen the fourth movie, although I've heard that it is an improvement over the second and third.) Really, heads should roll for creating the giant Gingerbread Man scene of the second movie. Stoooopid!!!!!

Anyways, Dreamworks ain't cryin' over sequel quality. The film franchise has earned $2.9 billion!!!!!

Here's a snip of my favorite scene from the movies:

Here are some links for more Shrek info: Box Office Mojo, Internet Movie Database, and Wikipedia.


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