Monday, May 16, 2011

Fourth Weekly Wrap Up

Hot Wheels

I feel somewhat deficient writing this week's Wrap Up. Our post per day ratio plunged somethin' fierce, as did page views. The blame goes to the Great Blogger Fail that disabled my ability to post for a few days. After having a few posts disappear during the Fail, I was mighty reluctant to write anything of substance until a decent recovery period had passed. It's been three days since the Fail was resolved, so I think it's safe to post the Wrap Up.

So, few though they may be, here are the week's topics:

I celebrated the birthday of Anne Sofie von Otter, one of my favorite mezzo-sopranos, in Make It Interesting. We admired her vocal versatility by listening to a variety of performances, including some Schubert lieder. Exquisite music!!!

Rodin Amidst the Palms

Then I mused upon my favorite type of tree in Palmam Qui Meriut Ferat. In doing so, I touched briefly upon mythic and symbolic aspects of the Palm Tree.

In What Ails You?, we considered West End Girls by the Pet Shop Boys and the popular music context of 1986. It wasn't always good, but it certainly was interesting.

I considered the mind-reading technology of the Necomimi "cat ears" in What's New Pussycat? Yeah, cosplay can get peculiar, but the basic technology is a step towards some very interesting devices.

In Three Tequila, Floor, I vented my rage against the mind-numbingly stupid commercials for 1800 Tequila. Seriously, what type of drooling incompetent needs to have their tequila bottle measure out a shot?!! My disrespect for this ad campaign is so great that it transcends my ability to verbally express. So I linked to a Pee-wee Herman vid.

We celebrated the birth date of Dimitri Tiomkin, a composer best known for some classic cinematic Western themes and scores, in High Noon. And we included a vid with Rawhide!!! Who could ask for anything more?

The the Great Blogger Fail struck, messing up my post sequence. Curses!!! Here's the sequence in which they were intended:

Pazuzu HATES the Great Blogger Fail!!!

In Post 100, I celebrated hitting this important milestone. I assessed my development as a blogger and noted which posts were of greatest interest to my readers. As you can see, it was during the creation of this post that I decided to spice up my "meta" posts with photos and vids. ;-)

We mused over the various name changes of Istanbul in To the City. Guess what song was featured in the linked vid.

We celebrated the birth date of the composer Gabriel Faure in The Languor of the Sun. Specifically, we considered the musical structure of the Pavane and how this antique artform is made aesthetically relevant by a process of reinterpretation and thematic appropriation.

Then I wrote a brief book review of Kazuo Ishiguro's novel, Never Let Me Go, in Thinking About the Rubbish. This was my first book review for this blog. It will not be the last. However, this was the post that got mangled up during the Great Blogger Fail, so I'm unhappy with the end result. Oh well, we'll do better next time.

Blogger returned to basic functionality just in time for our weekly flower post. So we marked the Fail with a brief post, Failure Flowers For Friday. We didn't include any poetry in this post in protest of the irritations of the past few days.

Finally, we celebrated the birth date of Jazz pioneer Sidney Bechet in Playin' the "Wrong" Chord. Great music. Woo hoo!!!

Well, that's it for the Fourth Weekly Wrap Up. Hopefully, we can do better this upcoming week. I've definitely got plenty of things that I would like to discuss. I hope you all are enjoying these posts.

Thanks for reading!!!

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