Thursday, May 19, 2011

Heart in Hand

I saw this ad today on the back of a magazine. It was at a bit of a distance, so I couldn't make out most of the writing. I found it disturbing. It looks to me like a heart, torn from a chest and washed over a martini glass. Look at that thick, spiky bracelet and those long, sharp crimson nails. Combined with the red background and the manner in which the dragon fruit is held, it seems to be an intentional subtext, as if it wants to seem "dangerous".

I like Skyy vodka, but this doesn't work for me. There is nothing pleasant about ripping hearts out. Gross!!!

However, it is an improvement over the previous Skyy ad campaign:

Seriously, how does this make us want to drink Skyy? "Ladies love the bottle and, if you drink Skyy, they'll love you!" Maybe, but the image is freakish. If the intention is to create a transference of quality from the vodka to the consumer, then it shouldn't be so crass.

Anyways, there is a time and place for things. Heart-ripping doesn't belong in vodka ads. Here's where it belongs:

and the classic heart-rip scene:


Here's a link to the Dragon Fruit (Pitaya) Wikipedia page.


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