Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Three Tequila, Floor

Tequila Sunrise by Lisa Audit

There is a series of commercials for 1800 Tequila that I absolutely detest. Now, I've never tasted 1800. I'm not much of a tequila enthusiast, although I do partake on occasion. But the ads are so low brow and smooth-brained that I've grown to actively dislike 1800 tequila. I don't want to taste any beverage that is promoted with such aggressive stupidity.


Yeah, how brain-numbingly drunk do you need to be before you need a "special" cap to pour a shot of tequila? We're not talking about mixing up some fancy cocktail. We are not talking about some showy pours and presentation. We are talking about pouring a shot. A SHOT!!!!!

Who freakin' cares if the Patron bottle can't pour a shot?! If you ever find yourself incapable of doing this exceedingly easy task, then maybe you should put away the tequila and crawl off to the bathroom, where you probably will soon need to be visiting.

Man, that commercial makes me mad. They'd have done a better job of promoting their tequila if they went with this instead:

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